The historic, internationally known Brumos® and Brumos Racing® brands continue to inspire at The Brumos Collection

The Brumos Collection began as an eclectic, private automotive collection that was stored on-site at the Brumos car dealerships in Jacksonville, Florida. Many international and national award-winning cars, historical documents, and racing artifacts from our history as Brumos Racing became part of the Collection. Over time, the Collection grew in scope, size, and significance and soon incorporated the works of other world-renowned automotive masters. These include Miller, Bugatti, Peugeot, Offenhauser, Watson, and more. Our goal is to share these cars and related history with you to increase generational awareness of automotive history. The Brumos Collection invites you to celebrate the internal combustion engine and those who devoted their lives in pursuit of building the best automobiles in the world.  

Although our mission and purpose are much like that of a museum, we rarely use that word to describe the Brumos Collection. As we take our rightful place in racing history, we hope our facility, knowledge, and passion to create a living environment for automotive and auto-racing enthusiasts will inspire future generations.     

The Facility

The Brumos Collection pays homage to Jacksonville’s 1924 Ford assembly plant.

The Brumos Collection facility is currently under construction. This magnificent, multi-purpose building was designed for the Brumos Collection and our desire to share this important history with the public. The design aesthetic was inspired directly by the Ford assembly plant on the St. Johns River that once operated in downtown East Jacksonville. The brick façade, large front windows, and prominent triangular skylights were all a nod to Henry Ford’s iconic Ford Motor Company assembly plant. 

As you explore inside the facility, you will visit the: 

The Display Hall

The Brumos Experience will amaze and inspire as you explore the display area.

The Brumos Experience begins in the information-filled lobby and continues on into the 35,000 SF display area. The entire display is designed to be as informative as possible, yet flexible enough to allow you to move about at your own pace. Each vehicle in The Collection will be accompanied by easily understandable signage for all members of the family as well as a computer kiosk or “digital docent”. The kiosks will allow you to learn about the various cars and items on display, as well as to view pictures or videos relative to that particular exhibit. Larger, more universal kiosks are available in each section of the Display Hall and on the Mezzanine, to allow you to take a deep dive into information about any vehicle or artifact displayed in that section. Docent-led tours will be available, by appointment, for those who wish to have a truly individualized and even more memorable Brumos Experience.

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