1973 Porsche 911S



VIN #9113300041

This 1973 Porsche 911S was one of the late Peter Gregg’s personal vehicles. He firmly believed that a car with the power of a Porsche 911S (181 hp from 2.4 litres) did not require a standard transmission. Porsche’s semi-automatic transmission, called ‘Sportomatic’, became one of Gregg’s favorite options and he requested it on every car he drove.

He believed that the Sportomatic, which disengaged the clutch when a driver grabbed the shift lever, would cure what he saw as a common driver error. Many US drivers tended to drive with one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the gearshift. In a Sportomatic, this would activate the internal clutch and put the car virtually in neutral. The clutch would re-engage once the driver’s hand was removed from the shifter.

This Tangerine model was fitted with several modifications per Gregg’s personal requests, including factory steel fender flares and 9.5 inch rear wheels. 

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