1955 Porsche 550

Spyder Racecar

Chassis# 550-030 / Engine # 90052 

The Porsche 550 Spyder was Porsche’s first true sports racing car. While most remember the 550 as the car in which actor James Dean lost his life, its historic significance lies in the fact that it was the starting point for a long line of legendary Porsche race cars.

Bearing chassis number 030, the Brumos Collection’s 550 Spyder was a Porsche factory race car, first driven in the 1955 Venezuelan Grand Prix by Husche Von Hanstein.  Von Hanstein, who went on to become Porsche’s Competition & Public Relations Manager, drove it to an 8th place overall in the race, which was 1st in its class. It was also listed as an entry for the Nassau Trophy Race, but was withdrawn before entry. 

Also of historical significance is the fact that when the #030 was flown to Caracas for the Venezuelan Grand Prix, it was the first Porsche ever flown from Germany to the western hemisphere. Its whereabouts in subsequent years are unknown until its reappearance in 1963. At that time, Juan Montalvo of Belle Glade, Florida, traded it for a Ford pick-up truck. It was then purchased by Brumos’ Bill Bencker in 1964, who raced it well into the mid-1960’s before it was acquired by the Brumos Collection.

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